Packing is Easy!…Said No One Ever

So I leave in two days to go to France for a year and all anyone asks me is “are you packed yet?” My response should be absolutely I am super prepared but I actually say “What are you kidding me?” 

Packing is really really hard. They say to take your favorite things which I really agree with. If you are going for a year I would definitely say to save up your pennies and to spring for the extra bag to go over. Even if you don’t need it to go over, you will need it to come back after all of the fabulous shopping and gift getting. I am planning to make my bags under the weight limit each so that I have plenty of room to bring things back. So here are my tips for packing to travel.

1. Make sure you have two outfits for every occasion. If you are going to dinner you want to have at least two options so you don’t look the same in every single picture.

2. Scarves are awesome. Make them your friend. 

3. So are camisoles. It is easy to put them under different clothes and match it with a scarf to create a brand new outfit. 

4. If you can’t fit it in your suitcase, bring heavy things on you, like a trench coat, because you can always take it off on the plane and no one will weigh you for it.

5. In your carry one keep at least a week of clothes in case they lose your luggage so you don’t look like a homeless person in the same clothes while they find said luggage. 

6. For the love of God please bring facewash on the plane because if you are traveling internationally you will feel gross on your layover and face wash just makes you feel less icky. 


Any other suggestions?? Please help if you can!

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