The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly side of being an au pair

So there are both pros and cons in being an au pair abroad. I shall talk about them all here.

So the ugly side. Children can be brats sometimes. Not all the time but you cannot expect to walk into sunshine and roses when you are living with a family and two children. Sometimes you have days where you just want to cry.
For example, last week we just had to buy this sticky stuff that makes posters stick to walls. I bought it with the younger girl while the older was at basketball. Cool. They can share I thought. False. Very false. When her sister asked to have some the next day (a wednesday) she literally screamed and cried in the corner saying she would not share because she would run out. If she cries I automatically do no sympathize, mostly because it is a frequent occurrence in this house. I yelled at them and told them that no one got it then. I was so overwhelmed that I almost cried.
Today (another wednesday) they said I cooked the burger too much and before even eating it the older girl told me she would not eat it. I made her try it and she told me it was disgusting. So while they ate french fries to their heart’s content. I made cordon bleu (its comes in a little pack) after sending it back for being cold the first time they finally took a bite the second time. In total they probably took five bites combined and refused to eat the rest. The of course were hungry for candy though, and then they told the cordon bleu tasted gross also. Again I almost cried I was so fed up.
So in summary the ugly side: Wednesdays and school holidays. Twelve lovely hours a day.

The bad. Sometimes they get sick or tired. They are children after all. When they are tired they are eitehr slap happy or like little tiny demons. When someone doesn’t tell the younger one something. She cries until she gets her way. This isn’t an au pair child thing, it is simply a child thing. They are a pain sometimes. If you don’t choose the right family, or ask the right questions. That could be the ugliest part of all though.

The good. You are a part of a family. I have a really good relationship with my family. The first time I wanted to go out in Lyon, they were afraid I would get lost and so the dad drove me to Lyon and picked me up at 12:30 in the pouring rain. They also let me try whatever I want. I ate foie gras the other day because I had never had it. My close friend came to visit last weekend and they invited her over for dinner so they could get to know a good friend of mine. My friend and her boyfriend didn’t leave until 1am because we had such a good time. My friend is coming to visit named Kaitlyn which is a hard name in french. They have repeated her name every night this week so they can say it right.

The kids are also definitely a good when we play all together and dance together. Last week was the older one’s birthday

Birthday time!

and I made a cake a we celebrated and it was a family moment. That’s what makes it worth it I think. There are bad days and good days. Days the kids love me and days we don’t like each other. But I like being a part of this family. I am even invited to dinner parties with their friends. So You have to make a pro and con list to be an au pair. For me the really good outweighs the few bad.


Happy Wednesday fellow au pairs. Bon courage.

2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly side of being an au pair

  1. Hi there, I was an aupair in Paris back in 2001 (a long long time ago, I know). It was a great experience for me. Yeah, I had bad days too, but I had much more good days, and great days! Sounds like you have a great aupair family. Me too! Some aupairs I knew were not that lucky; one girl was treated like a slave by her aupair family, she didn’t even have a bedroom, just a mattress on the kitchen floor. Ok then, take care and have fun!

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