To Date or Not to Date a Traveling Girl: That is the question

So I keep seeing all these post about “date a girl who travels” or “don’t date a girl who travels” but this isn’t Jeopardy and you don’t necessarily need to choose a category for $500, Alex. As someone living in Europe right now I get asked a lot of questions about traveling and how I feel about the world. Do you like France or America better? Yeah, what kind of question is that? How do you respond? Oh well I don’t like home you know I only grew up there MY ENTIRE LIFE or no  I don’t like France I just felt like living here to suffer. I just love to travel and I love to see other worlds and other cultures, that doesn’t mean I need to pick a place that is my super favorite.

I love being American. I love BBQs and Christmas carols and NFL games on Sundays (Go Redskins!). I am from Bucks County, Pennsylvania and when I am having homesick days I go online and I look at all the covered bridges covered in snow and the community events going on. Also, I don’t necessarily need to see another country to travel, I can see my own country because I have never been to Yellowstone National Park or sat on the beaches of California,and dipped my toes in the Pacific Ocean or climbed a mountain in Colorado. All things I really want to do. the Christmas tree lighting in my hometown, Perkasie is the “oldest outdoor community tree lighting” and I think that is pretty awesome. (

Despite loving home, I also love traveling the world. I spent a week in Rome seeing the Colosseum and the Trevi fountain and sipping prosecco at the Piazza Navona. I casually went to Paris for a weekend and am going to London this weekend simply because I can. I love history and spent a week in Berlin, Germany soaking it all in. I went to the Alsace region in France to meet with my good friends and tour the Christmas markets and drink hot wine. I celebrated Christmas and New Year’s with my awesome host family and got to see the way that other countries celebrate a holiday; toasting champagne and eating chestnuts with our entrée. In March I am going skiing in the Alps for a week and I am beyond excited.

The beautiful and famous Colosseum in Rome.

The beautiful and famous Colosseum in Rome.

So I don’t need to pick a favorite, I am proud of where I am from but I will never see enough of the world. However, that does not mean I will never settle down because I want to date someone and start a career and go out with my friends on the weekends. I can still travel and see things in my own country or out of it that doesn’t mean a travel girl will never settle down anywhere. That is just a silly thought.

I see the world differently than I would have if I had never gone anywhere. I see the way other people live and how our countries and our lives connect. I am interested in what goes on in other countries, although I admit I could definitely brush up more on current events. I miss the Lavender Farm back home and the Christmas tree lighting and the covered bridges and even the cheese steaks at Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. Of course I miss my family and my best friend Shauna and all my other friends. I now have a new appreciation for home and I see the beauty in it and in everything else I see. Home or abroad, I see friendships and love and beautiful scenery and history and stories. No matter where I go I now see all of that.

So as far as dating a traveling girl, well I think first you need to like her, not just because she travels or not…because that seems to be forgotten in a lot of blogs and articles I have read about traveling. If you do take a risk on one of us I can promise you one thing. She probably traveled because she needed to get it out of her system and see the wonders of the world because if you don’t let a traveling girl go for at least a little while, she will resent you for making her stay. Find her and connect with her again when she comes back in six months or a year or however long a time. When she comes back, she will appreciate you more and feel a little more comfortable in her skin being that she took the time to find out who she is. You will also be incredibly special and she will probably make you feel that way because she has traveled the world and met guys or girls from so many countries and cultures but she chose you out of all the people she has met to take a chance on. That in itself is pretty cool. I like going to parks or baseball games or community events on dates because I think you can’t talk in movies and dinners are set up like interviews (and no one likes those). Whether she travels or not, treat her like she is special and take her to do things out of the ordinary and fun. Like I said this isn’t Jeopardy, and every traveling girl doesn’t fit into a category, this is all just from a traveling girl’s point of view.


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